There are multiple performances to enjoy at the festival.

To name few, are ‘Southern Crossing Band’, Sabinal PIPS, ‘Fire on the Mountain Cloggers’.  If History is your thing, we have live re-enactments of historical gunfights at a western campsite.


The kids will love learning about living in the days of the old west.

Old west

Fire on the Mountain Cloggers

The Fire-on-the-Mountain Cloggers from San Antonio are devoted to a dance steeped in American culture history and dedicated to preserving the traditional aspects of clogging by combining intricate footwork with lively bluegrass music.  The team has performed throughout Texas and other states for over twenty years.  International performances include shows in Germany, Venezuela as well as International culture festival in Xalapa, Mexico.

Fire on Mountain Clogger

Fire on Mountain Clogger

Throughout the year Fire-on-the-Mountain Cloggers perform at local exhibitions.  Visit “Fire on the Mountain Cloggers for more information.